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Game Based Learning

Game-based learning can increase not only learner engagement, but drive both higher retention and completion rates. SkillCreds ensures that the games are relevant to helping learners retain material or gives them time to practice with acquiring knowledge they will use often. SkillCreds features such as leader boards, social engagement, competitive atmosphere and visual display of progress drive learning outcomes.

Blended Learning

Learning work is best when implemented as part of a blended learning approach. SkillCreds facilitates pre-workshops to a larger training event or instructor-led training as well as post-workshops for multi-module competency based curriculums to help learners reinforce what they learned—particularly material they really need to know from memory.

Domain Specific Learning

Domain or discipline specific training helps transference of skills and concept by taking into considerations the various skills required for different employees. Employees can immediately see relevance for their individual needs. Content can usually be used 'as is' or repurposed to suit training needs.

Assess Engage Hire

AEH is a turnkey recruitment solution used to shorten time to onboard, create measurable metrics and implement predictable metrics and automate hiring processes. SkillCreds AEH is a scalable model, that can replicate across geographies.

Custom Creation of Domain Specific Content

SkillCreds engages in turnkey content development for technical/ domain specific modules where existing legacy content is repurposed, specific videos and games and assessments are created for each course that drives engagement and learning.


Assessing the critical skills needed by an organization allows the company to ensure that current and future employees possess the right skills to enable optimal business performance.

Platform Offerings

Real Time Assessment of Simulation

Employees can practice applying new skills and knowledge without real-world implications. They receive feedback to let them know how they're doing, which helps refine new skills before they try them out in the real-world. Users can also benchmark their performance against an expert response.

Your Personalized Mentor

SkillCreds helps user get a personalized learning path and asses their own learning graph to ensure that learning is according to his interest, skill and needs.

Platform as a Service

Use SkillCreds features at a license cost per annum, get unlimited usage where content can be streamed from your own company servers to retain IPR of content. iAugmentor LMS can also easily plug in to your LMS if required.


To help you drive measurable results, you have to know what you want the desired learning outcomes to be and have a way to access the data you need to measure those outcomes. SkillCreds LMS can deliver reports detailing how learners performed.

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