Embark on an

Immersive, Gamified, Mentored

Self-Development Journey

This Learning engine packs a punch! With AI, Extended Reality and sentiment analysis under its hood, Skillcreds powers you ahead through personalized & Mentored Learning Experiences. Built for the needs of enterprise professionals, self-employed as well emerging talent in colleges.

You can find your racing track to zoom ahead on your career journey...

AI Mentor

Story-centric Learning

Extended Reality Simulations

Wearable Device Extension

Game Based Diagnostics


For Enterprises


Gamified Learning for
Business-Critical Competency enhancement.

Competency linked gamified learning journey.
Pre-learning competency diagnostics...

  • Competency linked gamified learning journey
  • Games on demand
  • Pre-learning competency diagnostics
  • AI based mentor
  • Experiential Simulations
  • Story-Centred Learning

For Individuals


Immersive Simulations for Career Mobility & Job Readiness.

Respond to Real-life situations in immmersive ER environments...

  • Respond to Real-Life situations
  • In Immersive ER environments*
  • Compare your response to experts
  • Get real-time feedback on proficiency gaps
  • Embark on an adaptive, personalized learning journey
  • Experiential Simulations

What we do

Gamified Learning, Simulation based Assessments, Remote campus Recruitment, e-Assessment Centres, A Professional Mentor for each employee, every professional…A click away!

On your Mobile

at your desktop

Wearable devices

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Skillcreds Inc is a Delaware incorporated C-Corp with their Tech Development Center in India, and Content development center in India & Egypt. Skillcreds helps enterprises create a seamless competency-linked gamified learning roadmap for learners, to address proficiency-gaps in critical-to-business proficiency gaps and its immersive simulations give employees real-time suggestions on improvement on identified competencies, in Real-Time, Progressively across career span.

Why SkillCreds

Millenials and GenZ’ers are increasingly getting disengaged from enterprise learning investments. Legacy content with little or no gamification, social learning and competitions, leads to little motivation to pursue self-development. Leading to, what is industry’s worst kept-secret – a near 80% drop-out rate in most self-paced learning through online marketplaces.

SkillCreds revives enthusiasm in enterprise learning investments….

Personalized micro-learning for front-line teams on a global scale

Automated tools for
Zippy creation and upload

DIY Self-service panel

Create addictive gamified
learning journeys

Case and Story-based learning, structured into seasons and episodes Game-based quizzes and assessment.

Cut-down design cost of engaging content by upto 70%

Automated role play videos, doodles Library of infographics and design assets.

Knowledge Cloud

Share and access learning content on the cloud - across departments, teams and geographies. Induction Presentations. Product Training. Compliance Programs. HR Policies. Sales Presentations.

Psychometric profiling of Learners

Chatbots, decision tree based case studies. Profile learner by geography and teams for customized offline interventions.

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